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large sand saw acces
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wear-resisting mortar pump

name:wear-resisting mortar pump
details :
pemo series vertical long axis, the submerged pump impeller, vertical installation. it has the structure is compact, steady, simple operation, convenient maintenance, cover an area of an area small; generalization, the advantage of high degree of standardization. our factory is absorbing the world developed country long axis vertical pump design and manufacturing of advanced experience, in order to adapt to the development and the development of china's market demand of advanced and mature series products.
pemo type series special wear-resisting mortar pump uses the factory made special wear-resisting rubber pressed directly in the pump housing surface, form a wear-resisting of inner cavity pump, solve the rubber lining type can be changed easily breakdown, beat and the discard of the missing, its service life long here for high marks.

all accessories interchangeable with italian pemo pump

model electric motor lift diverging pipe diameter
pemo 100 22kw6p 12m 6 英寸
pemo 120 30kw6p 12m 5 英寸
pemo 150 45kw4p 20m 5 英寸