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marble frame saws
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marble frame saws

name:marble frame saws
details :
use and features:
dkj-type 80 frame saws mainly used in the large size plate cutting marble.
1, double crank, double link mechanism, and stress even, stable operation.
2, the bearing a chain saw frame orientation, high precision, and it is not easy to wear.
3 and travel 800 mm, more benefit at cooling and remove the mortar, make saw blade longer life, cutting plate quality is higher.
4, automation degree is high, it can automatic detection fault, realize no one operation.
the main technical parameters:
the largest machining waste material size (l * w * h) : 3200 x 2000 x 2000 mm
obviously specification: 4400 x 3 mm x 3.5 mm, 4400
obviously article number: 80 mm thick plate (20)
the thick plate processing: 20 mm (mechanical bars), 15 mm (hydraulic lever)
line processes: 800 mm
saw blades speed: 0-30 cm/h
the total work rate: 110 kw
recycle number: 90 times a minute
envelop dimensions: 12400 x 4700 x 3800 mm
the total weight of quantity: 56 t