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speed litchi surface machine

name:speed litchi surface machine
details :

marble, granite litchi surface machine
1. used in granite, marble surface litchi surface processing.
2. the structure is reasonable, the processing craft perfect, performance stability, simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving. this machine can be used at any time move, do not take up space.
3. with automatic and manual switching function, optional control grinding head up and down, flexible operation is easy to learn.
4, safe and reliable, high yield; this machine use diamond cutter and stone material surface rolling contact, on the surface make hair treatment.
compared with the traditional processing 5, low cost, every square metre only a few minutes to complete, and not splash on the stone to the hot chip damage operators.
6, by this machine processing of plank of litchi surface strewn at random have send, of primitive simplicity, natural, even.

the main technical parameters:
type: the jas-lmj
grinding head speed: 940 (rpm)
the main motor: 2.2 (kw)
traveling motor: 0.75 (kw)
processing size: 2800 x1000 (mm)
the speed of work: 15-20 ㎡ / hour
the switchboard weight: 500 (kg)
overall size: 3275 x1700x1350 (long x high mm)