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lichee-face machine for marble / granite

name:lichee-face machine for marble / granite
details :

lichee-face machine for marble / granite is suitable for producing marble & granite of lichee-face. is with logical construction; processing technique perfect; reliable performance; easy operation; effective engery-saving. this machine can be moved and be used at any moment, moreover, it doesn’t occupy space. is be changed between by automatic and by manual, can control grinding head to elevate at liberty, easy operation, easy study. and reliable, high rate of finished products; rolling contraction, can conduct the surface of slab. is with lower cost which compare with traditional process. it only takes several minutes per each square meter. the operator can’t be damaged by splashed stone chips.
6.the lichee face is well-proportioned; simple anhydride; nature; uniform.

main technical parameter
model jas-lmj
rotation speed for grinding head 940r/min
main motor 2.2 kw
feeding motor 0.75kw
processing size 2800x1000mm
processing speed 15-20㎡/hour
total weight 500 kg
overall size(lxwxh) 3000x1700x1550mm